What Is Claims Response Evaluation?

Berkley Canada has developed a tool to help brokers evaluate and rate a market’s overall claims response. The intent of the tool is to increase focus and awareness on claims response and include this in the consideration of an insurance placement.  

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Please contact Alexandra Spence if you have any questions, comments or feedback, aspence@berkleycanada.com or 416-594-4823.

Our Team's Latest Publications

Learn more about Berkley Canada's management team by reading their latest publications from LinkedIn found below. Navigate to our Resources page for a complete catologue of publications.

What are Your Skills Worth?
By Andrew Steen, President
Published July 12 2016

When you think about how you are currently compensated, and how you want to be compensated in the future, what informs your view? Is it the last discussion you had with a recruiter who encouraged you to apply for a new role with a certain salary range? Was it on-line research on salary ranges and benefits for a given position?  Was it a friend in the business? 

Clearly, there are many ways to gather intel on your market value. Over the long term, an Underwriter’s compensation and role progression will be closely linked to their contribution to the net income and the return on capital they help create.  As a producer and manager of a portfolio of business, how much net income can you create from your book?

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Respect the Unexpected
By Carl Spensieri, Vice President of Environmental Insurance
Published June 13 2016

Canada has an infrastructure problem. According to the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, $141 billion of existing Canadian infrastructure is in very poor or poor condition. Put another way, each Canadian household must contribute $20,000 to address current infrastructure replacement and construction needs. Unfortunately, these estimates do not account for cost overruns—and experience suggests they should...

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