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About our Claims Team:

The Berkley Claims team is different. Our Claims team has an average of 24 years of experience, will pick up the phone, are available to meet with your clients or prospects, and always make 100% of the decisions that have to do with any claim. It is through the Berkley Claims team that we generate better outcomes for our insureds.

Claims Response Evaluation Tool

Specialty claims have a low frequency but are often high severity, often a ‘bet the company’ situation. An offshore claims response should not be considered equal to a local response. The differences between the two needs be explained to a client to allow them to weigh the pros and cons of how this can impact their business and reputation. This will also help clients understand why they often see dramatic price differences between foreign and domestic markets. Click below to see our Claims Response Evaluation Tool. The intent of the tool is to increase focus and awareness on claims response and include this in the consideration of an insurance placement.

Please contact Christine Pimiskern (416-594-2677) if you have any questions, comments or feedback.

Reporting a Claim

Prior to reporting a claim please have the following information ready if available:

  • Policy Number
  • Names, contact phone number for a person familiar with the circumstance of the claim
  • Date, location and time of loss
  • Brief description of the occurrence

New claims can be reported to Berkley multiple ways:

Telephone: 416-304-1178 or 1-877-304-1178

Fax: 416-304-4108

Email: claims@berkleycanada.com

By clicking Report a Claim and completing the online form.

Claims Status

Berkley Canada wants to be sure you are informed throughout the claims process. To request an update on a previously reported claim please click on the Claims Status box.

Request a Loss Run

To request a Loss Run please email claims@berkleycanada.com.

In order to speed up the process please include Insured Name, Policy Number and Policy Period(s).

Once a Loss Run request has been submitted we will respond back to you within 48 hours.